DIY Cured Meat Wreath


The fun you will have all holiday season! 


Each DIY Kit includes: 


  • La Quercia Prosciutto Americano: Made from heritage-breed Berkshire pork raised on an antibiotic-free vegetarian diet, which yields prosciutto with an exceptionally rich, silky flavor. (4 oz.)
  • La Quercia Speck Americano: Applewood-smoked prosciutto is made from heritage-breed Berkshire pork humanely raised on family-run farms in the Midwest. (2 oz.)
  • Creminelli Fine Meats Varzi Uncured Italian Salami: Uncured pork salami is seasoned with sea salt and nutmeg using a recipe inspired by a family-owned shop just outside Varzi in the Pavia region of Italy. (2 oz.)
  • Creminelli Fine Meats Sopressa Uncured Italian Salami: Northern Italian-style uncured pork salami is seasoned with organic garlic and Sangiovese red wine. (2 oz.).
  • Charlito's Cocina Chorizo Seco Salami: Dry-cured mild chorizo is made from heritage-breed, pasture-raised pork, seasoned with paprika, sea salt and garlic. (3 oz.)
  • Fat Uncle Farms Sea Salt Blistered Almonds: Crunchy, salted, blistered almonds are dry farmed on a third-generation, family-run farm in California. (4 oz.)
  • King Orchards Tart Dried Montmorency Cherries: A touch of sugar gives these plump Michigan-grown cherries their perfectly tart-sweet flavor. (4 oz.)
  • Fresh Kumquats (or comparable winter citrus, pending farmers' market availability): Tiny oval citrus fruit with tart orange skin and sweet, juicy flesh. (3 pieces)
  • Dardimans California Crispy Blood Orange Slices: Crisp slices of dehydrated California-grown blood oranges have a toasty, bitter-sweet flavor. (0.3 oz)
  • Mustard & Co. Pickled Mustard Seed: Crunchy, tangy and versatile condiment is seasoned with honey, sea salt, dill and garlic. (1 oz.)
  • Garnishes: Fresh rosemary and olive sprigs. (4 stems)


*Items Subject to substitution based on availability :)