Lady & Larder

- handcrafted in los angeles, california -

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you create custom cheese and cured meat displays for weddings and events?


Do you do events outside of the Los Angeles area?


We love traveling for events of all shapes and sizes.

Do you offer Gluten Free Crackers?

Not Currently - but you can - of course - serve any crackers that you have on hand with our boards.

Do you offer Classes or Workshops?

We currently offer private workshops in your home or place of work for groups of up to 25. We will show you how to select cheeses and then how to build a board with the most ideal seasonal accoutrements and pairings. Each person goes home with their own hand crafted masterpiece. Contact us for availability. 

Do we get to keep the wooden board that comes with each cheese board?

YES - each board is cut here in Los Angeles and they are included with every order. 

What temperature should we serve the cheese at? Do we put it in the Fridge? 

Room Temperature cheese reveals flavor subtleties much better than cold cheese - always serve our boards at room temperature :) 

Do you do make Cheese Cakes?

YES! Email us for more details. 

I have a Nut Allergy - can the boards be made without Nuts?  

YES, we are happy to make any board without nuts, however, we are not a nut-free kitchen and we cannot guarantee the absence of cross-contamination. Lady & Larder will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed. Please email us for further information if needed.