California Olive Oil


The Other Brother Company is a Bay Area-based food company founded in 2012 by brothers Ben and Evan. Our organic goods are delicious --and good for you! --hence our slogan, "Good goods". All of our ingredients are grown by us in California or sourced from our friends, sustainable organic farmers.


Fruity, Buttery and smooth. This oil is a late harvest tuscan style blend.

Our extra-virgin olive oils are about as local as is gets! We grow, hand pick, and cold press these Tuscan olives in Carmel Valley, Ca. 

This oil earned "Best of show" in the Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition.

375 ml Bottle 


Bold, Grassy and Peppery. This early harvest tuscan style blend has a bite!

Our award winning extra-virgin olive oils are grown entirely in California. We hand pick these Tuscan olives and cold press them in Templeton, CA. This oil earned "1st place" in the Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition.

375 ml Bottle 

Shorty Tin 

Our Extra Virgin "Shorty" features our favorite blend of California grown olives (Arbequina, Leccino and Pendolino) which we call the "Growers Blend". Great for daily use, this oil is fruity, buttery and smooth, with a slight kick of pepperiness at the end to leave you wanting more.

It comes in a light, tight 250ml tin with a convenient resealable pour