Aged 4 months. Amazing to cook with, or just spread on warm bread. Sobrasada is a powerful tool to elevate a wide variety of recipe staples, from eggs, to sautéed vegetables, to burgers, to bean stews, this is a duct tape of the kitchen!

About Charlitos Cocina


We are a small producer of hand crafted cured meats made from sustainable raw materials, based in New York City.  

Our intention is to preserve gastronomic tradition and to help integrate it into the time in which we live.  Our products are simple and made with the cleanest, best ingredients we can find, with technique that has survived and evolved through generations. All of our products are made by hand, slowly, in small batches.

Ingredients: Heritage breed pork, hand harvested sea salt, pimentón, garlic, gin, cane sugar, celery powder, starter culture.