Cookie Dough


 Made with love by our own Katie Miller. Flavors change weekly. 

This week:

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - with Guittard Milk & Dark Chocolate 

Chocolate Orange Shortbread Cookie Dough - Butter Cookie Dough with Guittard Dark Chocolate and Schaner Farms Orange Zest 

Salted Oatmeal Date Cookie Dough - Salty Oatmeal Cookie Dough with Davall Honey Dates 

Cookie Dough with Guittard White Chocolate and Traina Farms Ruby Apricots 

All cookies made with Tehachapi Grain flour and Beurremont butter.

Note: Please refrigerate upon pick up. Cookie dough should be baked or frozen within 4 days of pick up. You can bake the cookie dough directly from frozen by increasing the bake time by a minute or two

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