Single Origin Chocolate Bars


 Like many businesses do, Crow & Moss began in a basement. One day, driving home from work, owner Mike Davies was overcome by the desire to learn how to make craft chocolate. It was a sudden and all encompassing feeling, a life changing moment -- and one he knew he couldn't ignore. Over the next few months, he put together his initial set up (a small coffee roaster, a Champion juicer for cracking and pre-refining, a Diamond melanger, a small tempering machine and a neon pink hair dryer for winnowing that he stole from his wife) and got to work. It was a rabbit hole he never crawled back out of (his wife has since had to get a new hair dryer). Now, Crow & Moss is making artisan chocolate in one hundred pound batches in our 2000 square foot factory in Petoskey, trying to bring out unique and true-to-bean flavor experiences to share with chocolate lovers through the midwest.

Tasting Notes // 

Dominican Republic Zorzal: The organic, direct-trade beans for this bar come from Dr Charles Kerchner's 1,019-acre bird sanctuary in the mountainous Reserva Zorzal, where the beans are grown, dried and fermented with meticulous attention to detail. The chocolate is a bold explosion of fruity sweetness with a well-rounded finish. Tasting notes cherry, caramel, spice. Origin: dominican republic zorzal 2019 harvest. Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar. Weight: 70g.

Honduras Wampusirpi:  The beans for this bar come from a remote part of north-eastern Honduras, accessible only by two day's journey via canoe. While not certified organic, the beans are grown according to traditional farming practices without the use of any chemicals. The chocolate is earthy and deep with a malty, almost mocha-like finish. Tasting notes honey, banana, toasted walnut. Origin: Honduras Wampusirpi 2018 harvest. Weight: 70g.

Ecuador Camino Verde: Camino Verde is a privately owned fermentary located in Duran, just minutes outside Guayaquil, Ecuador. Owner Vicente Norero sources the organic beans on a nearby 381-hectare cocoa estate which he previously owned and managed. He puts his background in microbiology to use with his innovative approach to fermentation, using enzymes and inoculants to achieve unique and exceptional flavors in his beans. Tasting Notes: fudge, toasted almond, black tea Ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar.

Brazilian Santos Coffee:  The coffee we’ve blended with our Colombian Aruaca cacao comes from the Santos region of Southern Brazil. The coffee is dried within the coffee cherry, which deeply infuses the beans with a rich, fruity flavor that pairs especially well with the stone-fruit sweetness of the chocolate. Ingredients: Colombian aruaca cacao, organic cane sugar, Brazilian Santos Coffee. Weight: 70g.