Clabbered Cottage Cheese


Pillowy curds cut by hand and dressed in cultured cream and organic milk. Flavors of lemon and sweet cream develop during its slow, overnight set. High in protein (16 g per serving) and full of flavor. Incredibly versatile and delicious, the perfect foundation for protein packed breakfast bowls or as an option for your favorite stuffed pasta and baking recipes.

Fresh, delicate curds swathed in our crème fraîche

Flavor notes: Delicate curds is a bright rich cream dressing

How to enjoy: 
  • Protein & fat rich snack or breakfast bowl (topped with granola, fruit, etc.)
  • All the ways you’d enjoy cottage cheese - with seasonal vegetables, fruit
  • The perfect pairing for your favorite chips - everything from BBQ to Truffle
  • Cooking: As a substitute for ricotta or cream cheese in stuffed pastas and in sweet recipes like pancakes