Dry Jack Special Select


Made by Vella Cheese

Sonoma County, CA

According to Ig Vella, who owns and runs the business, Monterey Jack cheese was created by a Scotsman named David Jacks in the days of the California gold rush. At the beginning of WW1, an American purveyor called D.F. DiBernardi developed Dry Jack - an aged version of Monterey Jack - to replace the imported Italian cheeses (mostly Parmesan and Grana) that were no longer available because of the war. It had a flavor and texture similar to a medium aged Parmesan.

Ig's father, Tom Vella, perfected his own version of Dry Jack - the recipe has hardly changed. The distinctive looking classic (rubbed with cocoa powder) is sweet and fruity with a rich, caramel-like finish

Pasteurized Cow's Milk

Vegetarian Rennet