Heritage Grain Flour


The Artisan Bread Flour: blends two heritage hard winter wheat varieties, Hard Red Spring and Red Fife. With a protein content of around 14%, this is perfect for a fresh rustic loaf.  2lb box

Pizza Flour: Making pizza dough at home is easy and fun for the whole family! The pizza flour is the perfect blend of freshly milled Hard Red Spring, White Sonora, and just a touch of Blue Beard Durum flours, which makes for a smooth texture and flavorful, crispy crust. 2 lb box

Pastry Flour: This is their most finely sifted flour - the Italians call it "type 00." Typically used for pastries, cakes, and handmade pasta, this soft White Sonora flour is also great for a thin crispy pizza crust.

Jeff and Emma Zimmerman, a father-daughter duo, started Hayden Flour Mills in response to their desire to have flavorful and unmodified flour. Working with local farmers, they have re-introduced ancient and heritage grains into their products. By using a stone-milling technique, the most nutritious parts of the grain are retained for optimal tasty results. In addition to the delicious and healthy products, Hayden Flour Mills is proud to boast of being the only solar-powered stone mill in the US!