Hobbs Oven Roasted Turkey


It was around 1980, and Hobbs Shore began smoking select meats and fish for his friends at their invitation. He simply reached back to his experiences growing up, where he carted Applewood chips to the smokehouse on his grandfather's farm in New York state. So what started out as a pastime for the retired economist, turned into a full-fledged business within several years... Hobbs' Applewood Smoked Meats.

Not a lot has changed since Mr. "Hobbs" Shore passed away in 2008. Hobbs Applewood Smoked Meat is still a family-owned business and the company still carries on the same traditions of specializing in their own gourmet and specialty smoked meats.  

That is in no small part due to Kim Huynh. For nearly 20 years, Kim worked side-by-side with Mr. Shore. Hobbs provided the necessary Vision, Creativity and Personal Charisma, while Kim ensured everything worked to perfection.   Kim’s many years of personally making products, assuring on-time delivery, and providing “personal touch” service has been most instrumental in establishing Hobbs Applewood Smoked Meats as a supplier of Premium Products.