Mixed Signal


A cheese born out of partnership

Smoke Signal was created at the beginning of October 2019, when two Vermont dairy farms unexpectedly found themselves without a buyer for their milk. Wayward Goose Farm and Indian River Farm both produce high quality, protein rich milk that is specialized for cheese making and is becoming increasingly rare. Our friends at Grafton Village Cheese Company heard the call, and production began shortly thereafter. We put the first wheels into the cave in November, and are releasing them for the first time now.

Smoke Signal is a lightly smoked clothbound cheddar-style cheese made by Grafton Village Cheese Company using the superior milk from Wayward Goose and Indian River Farms. The cheese is then larded and aged at Crown Finish Caves for 5 months to achieve optimal flavor and texture. Notes of buttery movie theater popcorn and a light smokiness linger on the palate from start to finish. Pick up a wedge today and experience American dairy farming at its best.

Producer: Grafton Village Cheese Co., VT

Milk Type: Thermized Cow Milk

Rennet: Microbial

Age: 5 Months