Sherry Gray


Non-GMO Project Verified 

Ash-Ripened Pasteurized Cow Double Cream

5.5 oz each / Aged 14-16 days 

SHERRY GRAY - Our newest cheese, Sherry Gray, is a double-cream, ash-ripened medallion made with grass-fed cows’ milk and additional cream from Monument Farms in the Champlain Valley. 

This cheese is honors the memory of a treasured member of our community who modeled humanity and inspired our commitment to Community and to Place. Sherry loved Greensboro. He settled into an ascetic life in a sod hut on Barr Hill in the 1970’s trading the fortunes of urban life for the satisfactions of a life Here. Sherry was a humble man who served us all, modeled citizenship, boosted community, and inspired generations as a substitute teacher and mentor to many. 

The ash coating on this cheese serves a purpose beyond the aesthetically pleasing, stony complexion of its rind; it plays a part in tempering the fresh wheels’ surface pH and fosters the development of a thin, even bloom of flora. The extra cream and relatively long culturing time creates an almost whipped texture, which coats the palate in buttery richness.

SENSORY NOTES - The result of all of this detailed ripening is a truly indulgent, one-of-a-kind cheese. Sherry Gray is, first, a feast for the eyes with its soft, silvery rind; the black ash peeking through a frosty layer of delicate bloom. Cutting into the wheel reveals a yielding, glistening paste the texture of softened butter. Flavors of cultured cream dominate, with subtle hints of fresh button mushrooms and a warm, nutty finish that lingers on the palate.

PAIRING AND SERVICE - A cheese as decadent as this just begs for bubbles. Serve with lightly toasted rosemary-olive oil crostini, or simply enjoy with a cup of herbal tea in the evening.