Wagon Wheel


 Made by Cowgirl Creamery in Northern California 

Pasteurized cow's milk, traditional rennet (non-vegetarian)

Washed Rind, Aged 75 days minimum 

Offered by the 1/4 lb 

From the cheesemaker: 

Experience the liquid gold rush from the hills of San Francisco with Wagon Wheel, a versatile, snackable cheese at its glory when melted down and forged into your favorite meal. Born from the sunshine of California’s rolling golden hills, Wagon Wheel is our most versatile and snackable cheese. At room temperature, it’s approachable and delicious. When melted, we call it Liquid Gold.

Flavor notes: 

As a snack, delicate and nutty. When melted, it’s liquid gold: Salted brown butter, heavy cream, roasted leeks, roasted garlic

ALSO!! We have an extra special batch of SUPER AGED wagon wheel that is super rare and amazing - very limited quantities available